Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Our Photo Booth Wall

Photo Booths are on the agenda today and we're excited to introduce some cute ideas!

Photo booths are a popular way to engage your guests and make your wedding personal and fun! 

Here at the Attic we have a photo booth wall you can rent, or we can build something for you!

Here are a few pieces from the Attic, where we created a beautiful lounge area for guests to sit, and it provides endless photo possibilities!

Pinwheels are a great item to use for cute decor and also as a photo background! 
We found these pinwheels from Anthropologie'e bridal line, BHLDN, and we absolutely love them! Obviously this is definitely something you and your bridesmaids can work on over some "girl" time, but if you're short on time, check out BHLDN. 

Below is a picture of our new photo wall, that is available for rent! This is a fun addition to add as a way for your guests to engage and also a great alternative to a guest book! Let your guests take a pic, write a small message and add it to a blank book!

Here is another backdrop handcrafted by the Attic! This can also be used as a backdrop for your ceremony! Add a few details that are special to you to make it more personal on your special day!

There are so many more possibilities when it comes to photo back grounds, and it's a new efficient alternative to a guest book. Not to mention, photo strips are a great and engaging way to look back and see your guests along side of you with a wide smile on your faces! 

Like the idea of a photo background for you wedding? Contact us for the 2 we have available or a custom designed backdrop just for you!

{Written by Hanna Helgeson}

Monday, February 25, 2013

February Vendor Spotlight Day

We co-hosted a vendor spotlight day over the weekend with Alisa Lewis Event Design and her team...our sister company. 
There were 10 of us and we each had our hair & make up done and new business head shots taken by two photographers. 

Shawn of {fullbloom} 

Hanna made us delicious pour over Doma coffee!

Our two photogs, Laura Fifield and Michelle Nagle!

Whenever we snap pics inside my parents house we ALWAYS have a crazy stuffed animal photobomb! Check out the gazelle and the cougar! HAHAHA!

Thanks to Lacey of Earthly Beauty (aka the eyebrow police) we all now have fabulous eyebrow and only her to thank!

All instagram photos by Alisa or Taylor. Follow us at @alisaevents_theattic and @tayliz19

Interested in being a part of the next vendor spotlight day? Email us at atticrentals.com

Friday, February 22, 2013

Arbor Alternatives Continued...

Arbor Alternative #3 : Cross Backdrop
Want a traditional and elegant backdrop, but dont necessarily want an arbor? Then this might be the option for you! The cross used as a backdrop is incredibly lovely as well as traditional! Not only is it an elegant alternative but it can be custom designed and adorned with greenery and floral arrangements. The picture below does a beautiful job of capturing the gorgeous overall look that the cross backdrop brings to a wedding!

We are currently building a similar backdrop for a 2013 wedding. Contact us for more information and options regarding a cross backdrop!

Arbor Alternative #4 : Balloon Backdrop
Balloons, yes, a balloon backdrop! It might sound silly, but if it's done right it can look exceptionally chic and romantic in a really sweet way! Not to mention, if you're a spunky and fun couple, this might be the perfect choice! There are so many color options for balloons: metallic sheen, soft pastels, or bright tones! Look at the pictures beneath! Balloon backdrops can be used for weddings and for styled engagement shoots!

Doesn't it just create the sweetest look?! We really love the innocent simplicity of this idea, used for either a wedding backdrop or for a fun styled engagement shoot! We're eager to recreate this for any bride who loves this cute idea! Contact us for more information and ideas regarding a balloon backdrop!

Arbor Alternative #5 : Vintage Frame and Window Backdrop
If you're wedding has a more vintage feel then this might be the alternative for you! Using vintage frames and window panes in different sizes and styles, we can create a beautiful backdrop that's fitting for your vintage themed wedding! Below is a picture of The Attic's Vintage window pane backdrop as well as another source we found that uses vintage frames! Take a look and see if this is what your lovely day needs to add the perfect touch of vintage chic!

We absolutely adore the lovely look of sing window panes and frames to create a chic backdrop! So let us know if this is what you need and we can create it!

We hope these pictures stirred lots of ideas and inspiration for your wedding day! Here at The Attic, we love working one-on-one with our brides, to create just what they need for their special days, so let us know and we'll be more than willing to work with you and create something beautiful!

Happy Thursday!

(Written by Hanna Helgeson)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Not Your Usual: Alternatives to an Arbor

It's Thursday! We hope the morning finds you well and refreshed!

Today we're going to take a look at a few alternatives to the traditional arbor. Arbors are a great way to personalize and enhance the spot where you'll be saying your, "I do's" but what if you want something different or a traditional arbor doesn't really fit the theme of your wedding? Well don't you worry, we have a few ideas for you!

Arbor Alternative #1 : Fabric and Ribbon
First off, we love the use of ribbon and fabric. It's the perfect way to soften a large blank space or make a rustic space a little more warm and cozy feeling. The basic idea is to use long pieces of fabric or ribbon that matches your color palette. The collection of these pieces of fabric create this ethereal and soft backdrop, that sets the perfect scene to say your special vows!

We absolutely love the soft and flowy look that the pieces of ribbon an fabric create! We love it even more because there are so many options available as to what ribbon or fabric you can find to perfectly accent your wedding decor. 

We're definitely ready to recreate something like this for one of our lovely brides! Contact us regarding this arbor alternative and we can create the perfect combination for your special day!

Arbor Alternative #2 : Twig Backdrop
Twigs are the perfect backdrop for a rustic and/or country chic wedding! It's the perfect combination of nature and elegance! And you can adorn the twig backdrop with crystals, lights, hanging votives, etc. Not only is it a beautiful alternative, but it's a simple alternative that doesn't steal from your lovely wedding party or gorgeous dress! 

 Photo by: Ifong Chen
(Used with permission by photographer and clients)
 Photo by: Ifong Chen
(Used with permission by photographer and clients)

(Used with permission by photographer and clients)

We really love the simple and elegant look of the twig backdrop and we are more than willing to create the perfect twig backdrop for your wedding! These twigs are a custom piece available for rent at the Attic!

(Written by Hanna Helgeson)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Huppah Arbor

Good morning Tuesday readers! It's a bit frosty here, in the Pacific North West, but we hope this post, full of lovely pictures and descriptions, will provide you some warmth and inspiration of the wedding season that's right around the corner!

Beautiful huppahs are a great way to adorn the spot where you and your spouse will stand as you say your vows. It's basically a more square style of arbor usually made out of logs, twigs, or branches with a canopy of fabric or florals. The huppah can be romantic and ethereal  or simple and that's the beauty of the structure. It's the perfect addition to your special day, because it can be an incredibly beautiful focal point, it's a perfect spot for some after ceremony wedding shots, and because the style is custom to your wedding day and preference, it will perfectly reflect you!

Huppah Design

What's so great about using a huppah in your ceremony is that you can design it just the way you want! Whether you want natural twigs of birch, or the clean look of white square wood. Once you've figured out what you want the structure to be built out of, then comes the greenery and floral choices! Some huppahs (like the one below) are adorned with just greenery, like eucalyptus, curly willow, vines, and amaranth. Then there are others, like some of the examples below, where they are full and abundant with beautifully colored, full floral arrangements. 

 We love this arbor for the wispy, full look that it boasts. The corners of this huppah are the only parts decorated with flowers and the rest is decorated using wispy and leafy greenery. 

 This huppah is beautifully adorned with thick and vibrant bouganvilla. This is a perfect example of how a huppah can add bursts of color to your special day! This huppah is not only full of bouganvilla but it's also draped with burlap cloth, which really adds to romantic look.

This huppah is beautiful in a simple, elegant sense. Vines, willow, and delicate flowers drape over the structure and create beautiful simplicity. 

We love this huppah for the elegant and natural look. The white flowers, paired with the green vines, against the brown wood is beautiful! 

After looking at all of these photographs, it's easy to see that the possibilities are endless! 

If you've come to the conclusion that the huppah is just what your wedding ceremony needs, let us know! We have a few options and are ready to make any custom ideas come to life!

Written By: Hanna Helgeson

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Seating Alternatives: Chairs, Benches, Bales

Photo by Rebecca Hollis Photography

Well, this is the conclusion to our 2 part blog on alternative seating! This post, we are going to highlight the possibilities using mismatched vintage chairs, hay bales, and our handcrafted Farm Table benches. Hopefully The Attic will inspire ideas and properly show you the dynamic uses of each alternative! Happy reading!

Mismatched Vintage Chairs

Here at The Attic, we have an endless variety of mismatched, vintage chairs. Some of these chairs boast vintage fabrics, some a shabby chic white, and other boast a natural wood. Regardless, you're sure to find the perfect collection of chairs for your special day! Mismatched chairs bring a sophisticated yet chic feel to your wedding environment. Not only are the chairs adorable together, but you can also mix our chairs with our traditional church pews or Farm Table benches. Take a look at a few of our vintage chairs and how we used them! 

Photo by Rebecca Hollis Photography

Photo by Ifong Chen Photography

Photo by Rebecca Hollis Photography

Photo by Urban Rose Photo

Urban Rose Photo

Hay Bales

Hay Bales are a country chic way to add your special day! What's so great about hay bales is that they are like blank slates; you can customize them to your wedding theme! Just take cute blankets, quilts, textiles, etc and place them on top of the bales to tie in any color or pattern! What's also great about hay bales, is that they are green! After the wedding, donate them to a local farmer! Take a look at some of the ideas we found and liked and let us know if you're interested in using hay bales for your event or special day! There are endless possibilities!

Farm Table Benches

These benches are custom made by The Attic. This special collection took elbow grease and was made with lots of love! Our Farm Table set seats 200+ guests! These benches are beautiful and the lovely dark wood will add to any theme. These benches can also be mixed with chairs! Take a look at this incredible and beautiful collection!

Photo by Amber Glanville Photography

Photo by Haute Pink Photography

Photo by Haute Pink Photography

Thanks for reading and viewing! Hopefully our pictures and collection of rentals inspired you to create the most beautiful day ever, while also making it completely you! Feel free to contact us for any questions or comments!

Written by Hanna Helgeson

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Seating Alternatives: Church Pews & Quilts

As mentioned in our last post, we're doing a special 2-part post on alternatives to traditional wedding seating. This first post is all about church pews and quilts, and how the Attic might help you using the large variety we have of each for your wedding or special event. 

Church Pews

There's something about traditional, white church pews, lining the aisle. They're simple, beautiful, and enhance the environment without stealing the focus. They can easily be adorned with bursts of beautiful bouquets, here and there, or other charming details such as fabric bunting. The possibilities are endless! What our previous brides love best is that they remain traditional and elegant, but are easily dolled up with personal touches. By visiting our gallery, you can see multiple pictures of how our church pews have been used to create a special and unforgettable day!

Here are a few of our church pews! 

photo by Jenn Alberts

photo by Urban Rose

photo by Urban Rose

photo by Rebecca Hollis

photo by Ifong Chen

photo by Rebecca Hollis


Whether you want to create a traditional and chic wedding, or a relaxed and charming environment, quilts may be the way to go! They are available in so many colors and patterns, that you're sure to find just the ones for your special day! Not only is there endless varieties but quilts can't help but make the environment comfortable and casual in a really delightful and unexpected way. It's always fun to incorporate a few of your family heirloom quilts that have a story or even rent a few to fill in the gaps. 

Here are a few ideas:

Quilts can also be placed over hay bales!

Hopefully this post provided you with some ideas and inspiration! 2nd part coming soon: mismatched vintage chairs, hay bales, and Farm Table benches!

Written by Hanna Helgeson
ALED assistant