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Inspiring Women Features | Mary Banducci

~Over the next few weeks we will be featuring some inspiring local women in business! Earlier this spring we had a girls' day at my house. We had our hair & make up done and our photos taken by to very talented photographers. Stay tuned as we showcase more of these lovely local ladies!~

Mary Banducci is the artist behind Mary Banducci Photography. She is also a local Idahoan, mother to a sweet little girl, wife and friend. Along with photography, she  pursues the interesting world of herbs and herbal medicine.

You can view her lovely photography work at Mary Banducci Photography and follow her adventures in herbalism at Sweet Roots.

When did you first become interested in photography?

I've always been a creative type. I loved to paint, draw, write as a child. When I was twelve, I even dabbled in interior design after watching too many episodes of Trading Spaces on TLC. (Dumping red and blue acrylics into a bucket of white paint I found, my sister and I painted the bathroom before my Mother came home. She was definitely surprised). I never thought much of photography, everyone else seemed to be pursuing it... but my junior year in high school, I enrolled in North Idaho College where a Black and White film class caught my eye. That seemed so romantic, so authentic to capture film. I fell in love in that dark room. The peace of the water trickling past the developer. The soft red light illuminating just the edges of form. I loved that classroom, the teacher wore a kilt to class everyday (except Halloween when he wore pants). It was challenging and invigorating. Which brings me too...

What is your education in photography?
I took all and any class offered in the photography department. The great kilt-wearing teacher became a friend, like a dear uncle to me. He offered me a job as the darkroom manager, where I developed color film slides for the students and tried to offer advice to those new to the darkroom. We'd have tea everyday in the afternoon. I miss that job dearly. And if I could, I'd take it back in a heartbeat.
Also, experience has been a great education. I worked two years in Oklahoma as a preschool photographer which was so different. Everyday I'd have to wipe kid's boogers and try fifteen different ways to get them to smile but I came to love it and the success of a challenging job well-done. My favorite preschool I visited was actually a preschool where most of the kids had special needs. It was the most difficult but also the most rewarding. I could feel the teachers' and parents' love for their children and I took time with each kid. The smiles I captured were genuine and everyone was so appreciative and glowing. To this day, I will not forget how their principal almost fell apart in tears thanking me for such a wonderful experience.

How old is your photography business?
Business-wise, I'm a kid. I haven't actively pursued my photography business until this last year. But experience-wise, I'm an old soul. I've been doing photograpy for over eight years, photographing weddings, seniors, and families this whole time.

What type of photography do you specialize in? 
I specialize in relationships. I don't confine myself to one category (although kudos to those who do! I can't seem to do it). The real reason I photograph is to capture relationships and the beauty of the moment. There is something unique about everyone, we're all so wonderfully made.

First six photos by Megan Robinson Photography

What is your middle name?
Amaressa. Which is what we named our little girl whom I also call Big Blue Eyes or little peanut.

Where were you born?
I was born here in North Idaho, in that big blue hospital.

What is your favorite part of living in the Northwest?
The seasons. My family. My Mother's home up on the mountain.

What is your family like? 
I am part of such a big, blended, wonderful family! Everyone has been so supportive of my creative ventures. There is this old French Proverb that states "By Believing in Roses, we bring them to bloom." I've been able to bloom because my family, particularly my wonderful husband, believes in me. I am so grateful for them!

One or Two quirky facts about yourself?
I create my own natural beauty products like facial oil and balms. I'm now getting into making my own sunscreen and make-up like bronzer. Call me strange. Call me mixtress. Call me Apothecary Mary.

I grew up on sushi so I have a strong nostalgia for weird foods. I love to experiment in the kitchen. Hibiscus ketchup anyone?

Other ventures? Blogs? Projects? Businesses?
Sweet Roots {Infusions of Herbal Living} is where I pursue my love of herbs and apothecary items.

I have another venture that will be happening soon but I can't divulge any information at this point! So stay tuned. :D

You can see examples of my photography at or on Facebook.

You can also follow Sweet Roots on Facebook here.

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Make Up:

Last five photos by Rebecca Hollis Photography

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