Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Finds | Monday Recap

Hello fans and readers!

Here's a quick recap of what we found over the weekend. Three truckloads total all from hitting garage sales in our area. We don't just take our time garage saling, either. Our team of treasure hunting professionals (aka my family) maps out our garage sales before the weekend using the Nickel's Worth and Craigslist. Then we hit the town hard at 7:00 am. And we don't just wander through...we make a quick sweep for any big items then stay a few minutes longer to look at the little items. Most of it is not what we are looking for but sometimes hidden under the shabby teddy bears and broken mops we find an amazing little tea cup or vintage candle stick or gorgeous hand made handkerchiefs. We're in, we're out, and we're on our way.

As we were driving down one of the main roads in our little town, we saw pick up truck after pick up truck lining both sides of the street. And good ole' Idaho man after good ole' Idaho man in their flannel shirts, Wranglers, and boots practically running to this giant shop. My dad slams on his breaks in traffic, throws out a few choice words, and pulls his pick up into the line of trucks on the side of the road. He practically drug me into the shop to look around as we realized it was not a garage was an auction and we would have had to wait around a few hours to even bid on some of the items. It was an man's dream shop and they were all drooling. Everything was for sale. We scouted a few nice trunks and milk pails but we had to keep moving to get to our garage sales where we knew we could get a good deal.

Some of our finds on Saturday!

We bought the dresser, chairs, and suit cases.

We also cleaned up a few of our windows for display. We have many windows in all different shapes and colors!

On Sunday, the Attic's props were used in two separate shoots. This snapshots are from an elopement shoot at one of my favorite secret locations in North Idaho. I loved how it all turned out!

My little Sophia helping me work on the website. It should make it's debut this week. I'm so excited to share it with you all!

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(last photo:Jessica Roy)

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