Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Inspiring Women Features | Jenna Sandin

Jenna, of Fleurtations Floral, has an incredible eye for design when it comes to flowers and arrangements! Her unique style and a handcrafted designs make her work shine!
Alisa Lewis Event Design and the Attic have had the wonderful privilege to work with her for numerous weddings recently and the brides could not have been happier with her beautiful works of art, making their dream day come to life! You can find her here.

How long have you been a florist professionally?
12 years

When did you first become interested in floral design?

I have always had a natural eye for art and design so it comes out of me in everything I do.  In high school, I loved to arrange flowers for small events as well as design the tablescape for holiday dinners.  It was just an outlet for my creativity. Little by little, others started to notice my talent and seek me out to design flowers for their small events.  I  did it on the side while I had other part time jobs.  Before I knew it, I was flooded with calls…..a few years later Fleurtations Floral was born.

What is your education in floral design?

My college background is in art and interior design.  
Before and after college I apprenticed under several florists.
I took advanced wedding design classes from the Floral Design Institute of Seattle as well as a taking year long Floral Design and Horticulture course.

How old is your business?

Approx 8 years old
What type of floral design do you specialize in?

I focus my business specifically on wedding and event design which is my passion.  I enjoy getting to know my clients and helping to personalize their wedding day with my floral designs.

What makes your business unique?

I have my own distinctive style:  Everything I create seems to have a whimsy, drama all its own.
People seem to recognize my style.

Fun Facts  
What is your middle name?


Where were you born?

Bozeman, Montana

What is your favorite part of living in the Northwest?

I love the scenery, outdoor activities and close proximity to bigger cities.

What is your family like?
I have been married for just over a year to the love of my life.  Yes, I did my own wedding flowers!  We live in Coeur d’Alene with our dog, Sofie.

One or Two quirky facts about yourself?

I love salad!  My husband laughs at me because I get excited about things like organic baby arugula and spinach.
Other ventures? Blogs? Projects? Businesses?

Right now I am busy enough with Fleurtations and spending time with my husband, but I may cook something else up in the future.

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