Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Inspiring Women Features | Rebecca Hollis Photography

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How long have you been pursuing photography professionally?

Like most photogs, my photography adventures started out as a hobby. Pursuing it professionally sort of dropped into my lap a bit. I did a session with a friend, then a friend of a friend, and so on. I eventually decided to go to school for it and let my artistic side abound.

When did you first become interested in photography?

I was never big on being in photos and often volunteered myself to take any pictures. However, I truly become interested back in college. I have always enjoyed painting and drawing real life. It evolved into photos as it took much less time while I was studying.

What is your education in photography?

I attended the Art Institute.

How old is your photography business? 

About 5 years old.

What type of photography do you specialize in? 

Weddings, portraits, and food mainly. I love to of off on hikes and see what I can find but theses photos tend to be for my own pleasure.

What is your middle name?

Ann. My mom's name.

Where were you born?

Eagle River, Wisconsin

What is your favorite part of living in the northwest?

The mountains and milder winters. Back in Wisconsin, we would have much colder winters with a lot more snow and they would last longer. I still love winter as a season but I love that it doesn't last as long here.

All above photos by Megan Robinson Photography

What is your family like?

We are all a little crazy, which makes it incredibly fun. I get my quirkiness from my grandma. She has always made things fun and it's always and adventure when you are with her. We are very close and I miss them terribly.

One or Two quirky facts about yourself.

I am an animal lover and a vegetarian. I went to school for dietetics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison before photography and am a die-hard Badger fan. I love my cheese.

Other ventures? Blogs? Projects? Businesses?

I have a food blog called Fig and Pickles. I always enjoy cooking and noticed there was a gap in the food blogging world for a blog that talked about being a vegetarian with an omnivorous other that you have to cook for as well. I cook vegetarian, take delicious food pictures, but then also give tips on how I incorporate meat for my hunting husband. It is my creative photography outlet that is all mine. I absolutely  love weddings and people, but it's nice to have something that is all mine to enjoy.

Make up by Shasta Hankins
Hair by Katie Kimball

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