Friday, March 8, 2013

The Wedding Ladder

You or someone you know might have a wedding coming up, and the possibilities and ideas are endless. But you want this day to be different, special, and magical. Here at the Attic, we have rentals that can make it just that. One item that has endless uses and adds endless charm is none other than the simple, ladder. You'd think the rudimentary design of a ladder would lead to little purpose, but the possibilities are not only endless but adorable and one-of-a-kind! We have ladders that you can rent for your special day and look below for cute ways to incorporate them into your wedding decor!

We love the way the tea lights are staggered, illuminating a pathway to either the ceremony or reception! And to personalize this pathway even more, you can adorn the ladder with cute signs, or beautiful floral arrangements!

 Here are some photos of the Attic's ladders styled by Alisa Lewis Event Design for a wedding at Barrister Winery.


We love a fun and cute way to direct the guests to either the ceremony or the reception and what's better than with a ladder holding adorable signs pointing the way! We love the large pot with purple flowers, the personalization of the signs and the picture of the couple! This look is so easy to accomplish with a vintage ladder, flowers, and a few personal items from the groom and bride!

Want a creative way to involve your guests in the seating plan process, while keeping your decor chic? Well then, use a couple of ladders, with your string and tag preference, and hang the tags onto the string that draped from one ladder to another! Not only is cute in a very simple way, but it's fun and engaging!

Photos by Urban Rose Photo

These two photos show one of the Attic's ladders used as a seating chart arrangement.

If this isn't the cutest way to display your desserts, we dont know what is!  Add some ruffled cloth below the desserts, a few floral arrangements, and bunting in your colors and your guests are sure to love this perfect display of goodies! Not only is completely easy to create but it's so unique and chic!

Ladders have endless uses and we'd love to brainstorm more on how ladders can work into adding an adorable touch to your wedding day! Contact us for any questions, and we'd be happy to help!

Happy Thursday!

{Written by Hanna Helgeson}

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