Friday, February 22, 2013

Arbor Alternatives Continued...

Arbor Alternative #3 : Cross Backdrop
Want a traditional and elegant backdrop, but dont necessarily want an arbor? Then this might be the option for you! The cross used as a backdrop is incredibly lovely as well as traditional! Not only is it an elegant alternative but it can be custom designed and adorned with greenery and floral arrangements. The picture below does a beautiful job of capturing the gorgeous overall look that the cross backdrop brings to a wedding!

We are currently building a similar backdrop for a 2013 wedding. Contact us for more information and options regarding a cross backdrop!

Arbor Alternative #4 : Balloon Backdrop
Balloons, yes, a balloon backdrop! It might sound silly, but if it's done right it can look exceptionally chic and romantic in a really sweet way! Not to mention, if you're a spunky and fun couple, this might be the perfect choice! There are so many color options for balloons: metallic sheen, soft pastels, or bright tones! Look at the pictures beneath! Balloon backdrops can be used for weddings and for styled engagement shoots!

Doesn't it just create the sweetest look?! We really love the innocent simplicity of this idea, used for either a wedding backdrop or for a fun styled engagement shoot! We're eager to recreate this for any bride who loves this cute idea! Contact us for more information and ideas regarding a balloon backdrop!

Arbor Alternative #5 : Vintage Frame and Window Backdrop
If you're wedding has a more vintage feel then this might be the alternative for you! Using vintage frames and window panes in different sizes and styles, we can create a beautiful backdrop that's fitting for your vintage themed wedding! Below is a picture of The Attic's Vintage window pane backdrop as well as another source we found that uses vintage frames! Take a look and see if this is what your lovely day needs to add the perfect touch of vintage chic!

We absolutely adore the lovely look of sing window panes and frames to create a chic backdrop! So let us know if this is what you need and we can create it!

We hope these pictures stirred lots of ideas and inspiration for your wedding day! Here at The Attic, we love working one-on-one with our brides, to create just what they need for their special days, so let us know and we'll be more than willing to work with you and create something beautiful!

Happy Thursday!

(Written by Hanna Helgeson)

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