Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Huppah Arbor

Good morning Tuesday readers! It's a bit frosty here, in the Pacific North West, but we hope this post, full of lovely pictures and descriptions, will provide you some warmth and inspiration of the wedding season that's right around the corner!

Beautiful huppahs are a great way to adorn the spot where you and your spouse will stand as you say your vows. It's basically a more square style of arbor usually made out of logs, twigs, or branches with a canopy of fabric or florals. The huppah can be romantic and ethereal  or simple and that's the beauty of the structure. It's the perfect addition to your special day, because it can be an incredibly beautiful focal point, it's a perfect spot for some after ceremony wedding shots, and because the style is custom to your wedding day and preference, it will perfectly reflect you!

Huppah Design

What's so great about using a huppah in your ceremony is that you can design it just the way you want! Whether you want natural twigs of birch, or the clean look of white square wood. Once you've figured out what you want the structure to be built out of, then comes the greenery and floral choices! Some huppahs (like the one below) are adorned with just greenery, like eucalyptus, curly willow, vines, and amaranth. Then there are others, like some of the examples below, where they are full and abundant with beautifully colored, full floral arrangements. 

 We love this arbor for the wispy, full look that it boasts. The corners of this huppah are the only parts decorated with flowers and the rest is decorated using wispy and leafy greenery. 

 This huppah is beautifully adorned with thick and vibrant bouganvilla. This is a perfect example of how a huppah can add bursts of color to your special day! This huppah is not only full of bouganvilla but it's also draped with burlap cloth, which really adds to romantic look.

This huppah is beautiful in a simple, elegant sense. Vines, willow, and delicate flowers drape over the structure and create beautiful simplicity. 

We love this huppah for the elegant and natural look. The white flowers, paired with the green vines, against the brown wood is beautiful! 

After looking at all of these photographs, it's easy to see that the possibilities are endless! 

If you've come to the conclusion that the huppah is just what your wedding ceremony needs, let us know! We have a few options and are ready to make any custom ideas come to life!

Written By: Hanna Helgeson

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