Thursday, February 14, 2013

Seating Alternatives: Chairs, Benches, Bales

Photo by Rebecca Hollis Photography

Well, this is the conclusion to our 2 part blog on alternative seating! This post, we are going to highlight the possibilities using mismatched vintage chairs, hay bales, and our handcrafted Farm Table benches. Hopefully The Attic will inspire ideas and properly show you the dynamic uses of each alternative! Happy reading!

Mismatched Vintage Chairs

Here at The Attic, we have an endless variety of mismatched, vintage chairs. Some of these chairs boast vintage fabrics, some a shabby chic white, and other boast a natural wood. Regardless, you're sure to find the perfect collection of chairs for your special day! Mismatched chairs bring a sophisticated yet chic feel to your wedding environment. Not only are the chairs adorable together, but you can also mix our chairs with our traditional church pews or Farm Table benches. Take a look at a few of our vintage chairs and how we used them! 

Photo by Rebecca Hollis Photography

Photo by Ifong Chen Photography

Photo by Rebecca Hollis Photography

Photo by Urban Rose Photo

Urban Rose Photo

Hay Bales

Hay Bales are a country chic way to add your special day! What's so great about hay bales is that they are like blank slates; you can customize them to your wedding theme! Just take cute blankets, quilts, textiles, etc and place them on top of the bales to tie in any color or pattern! What's also great about hay bales, is that they are green! After the wedding, donate them to a local farmer! Take a look at some of the ideas we found and liked and let us know if you're interested in using hay bales for your event or special day! There are endless possibilities!

Farm Table Benches

These benches are custom made by The Attic. This special collection took elbow grease and was made with lots of love! Our Farm Table set seats 200+ guests! These benches are beautiful and the lovely dark wood will add to any theme. These benches can also be mixed with chairs! Take a look at this incredible and beautiful collection!

Photo by Amber Glanville Photography

Photo by Haute Pink Photography

Photo by Haute Pink Photography

Thanks for reading and viewing! Hopefully our pictures and collection of rentals inspired you to create the most beautiful day ever, while also making it completely you! Feel free to contact us for any questions or comments!

Written by Hanna Helgeson

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