Thursday, February 21, 2013

Not Your Usual: Alternatives to an Arbor

It's Thursday! We hope the morning finds you well and refreshed!

Today we're going to take a look at a few alternatives to the traditional arbor. Arbors are a great way to personalize and enhance the spot where you'll be saying your, "I do's" but what if you want something different or a traditional arbor doesn't really fit the theme of your wedding? Well don't you worry, we have a few ideas for you!

Arbor Alternative #1 : Fabric and Ribbon
First off, we love the use of ribbon and fabric. It's the perfect way to soften a large blank space or make a rustic space a little more warm and cozy feeling. The basic idea is to use long pieces of fabric or ribbon that matches your color palette. The collection of these pieces of fabric create this ethereal and soft backdrop, that sets the perfect scene to say your special vows!

We absolutely love the soft and flowy look that the pieces of ribbon an fabric create! We love it even more because there are so many options available as to what ribbon or fabric you can find to perfectly accent your wedding decor. 

We're definitely ready to recreate something like this for one of our lovely brides! Contact us regarding this arbor alternative and we can create the perfect combination for your special day!

Arbor Alternative #2 : Twig Backdrop
Twigs are the perfect backdrop for a rustic and/or country chic wedding! It's the perfect combination of nature and elegance! And you can adorn the twig backdrop with crystals, lights, hanging votives, etc. Not only is it a beautiful alternative, but it's a simple alternative that doesn't steal from your lovely wedding party or gorgeous dress! 

 Photo by: Ifong Chen
(Used with permission by photographer and clients)
 Photo by: Ifong Chen
(Used with permission by photographer and clients)

(Used with permission by photographer and clients)

We really love the simple and elegant look of the twig backdrop and we are more than willing to create the perfect twig backdrop for your wedding! These twigs are a custom piece available for rent at the Attic!

(Written by Hanna Helgeson)

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