Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Seating Alternatives: Church Pews & Quilts

As mentioned in our last post, we're doing a special 2-part post on alternatives to traditional wedding seating. This first post is all about church pews and quilts, and how the Attic might help you using the large variety we have of each for your wedding or special event. 

Church Pews

There's something about traditional, white church pews, lining the aisle. They're simple, beautiful, and enhance the environment without stealing the focus. They can easily be adorned with bursts of beautiful bouquets, here and there, or other charming details such as fabric bunting. The possibilities are endless! What our previous brides love best is that they remain traditional and elegant, but are easily dolled up with personal touches. By visiting our gallery, you can see multiple pictures of how our church pews have been used to create a special and unforgettable day!

Here are a few of our church pews! 

photo by Jenn Alberts

photo by Urban Rose

photo by Urban Rose

photo by Rebecca Hollis

photo by Ifong Chen

photo by Rebecca Hollis


Whether you want to create a traditional and chic wedding, or a relaxed and charming environment, quilts may be the way to go! They are available in so many colors and patterns, that you're sure to find just the ones for your special day! Not only is there endless varieties but quilts can't help but make the environment comfortable and casual in a really delightful and unexpected way. It's always fun to incorporate a few of your family heirloom quilts that have a story or even rent a few to fill in the gaps. 

Here are a few ideas:

Quilts can also be placed over hay bales!

Hopefully this post provided you with some ideas and inspiration! 2nd part coming soon: mismatched vintage chairs, hay bales, and Farm Table benches!

Written by Hanna Helgeson
ALED assistant



  1. I loved that idea of quilts and these look super comfy to me. For my wedding, I am planning to book same event space NYC next month where I attended quilt fest couple of weeks ago. I liked that place very much.